ThetaHealing - Physical, Emotional & Spritual Transformation

Manifesting & Abundance Training Course

Manifesting & Abundance is unlike any prosperity course you have seen before! Every person has their own individual beliefs attached to what they are manifesting. Often we block our manifestations subconsciously before they even have a chance to manifest in our reality! With ThetaHealing™ you learn to shift whatever is standing in your way within the manifestation process which is why DNA1 & 2 precede this course. This technique is quick & easy to do, and once you learn it, you will be using it daily to create the reality you have dreamed of!

  • Transcending Group Consciousness’ related to your manifestations
  • The 100 key beliefs that block manifesting & the 10 key principles
  • Learn the ‘Remember your Future” technique
  • Let go of Vows, Pledges, Oaths & Contracts of poverty, depression, subservience & lack
  • Raise your vibration to a level where you can co-create your reality & access your limitless abundance.

2 Days

$452 (Repeat Price $225)

DNA1 & 2

Please Note Regarding Refunds

We ask that prior to making this purchase, that you follow your heart, take a breath, and ask if you are committed to opening yourself fully to this knowledge and the benefits available to you.

We do not offer refunds.

If your answer is a clear yes to join us for this years curriculum, then through this monetary energy exchange you honor the value in the program and the act of generosity to yourself. You begin the process of transformation by committing to your own intention and connection to your Higher Self.  You allow yourself to fully engage, trust in the path that brought you here, and open yourself to divine love and exceptional teachings. Thank you for joining us in this movement.

Free ThetaHealing Report

ThetaHealing Report

To understand more about ThetaHealing® get my FREE Report titled: “Create the life you have always wanted with this simple technique.”

After reading the report you will:

  • Understand the power of the Theta brain wave
  • Know how to break free of emotional blocks
  • Realize that instant healings are possible
  • Comprehend how to manifest changes in your life