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This course is particularly relevant to the political and religious conflict rife in the world today. For ThetaHealing® practitioners and students committed to culturally competent personal and professoinal healing, this class is a must.

ThetaHealing® World Relations Course focuses on specific cultures and beliefs to trigger present and past issues with races, religions, and people. Once these belief issues come to light, the hidden hatreds and resentment that go back centuries are released. This course allows participants to embrace and accept the people and cultures of the world with true unconditional love.

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World Relations ThetaHealing® Certification, CEU Credit, 2 ThetaHealing® World Relations Manuals

Day One and Two are focused on the countries of the world with an overview of their beliefs and customs. The students will participate in hands-on Belief Work to find and release negative feelings and programs related to cultures and people around the world.

Day Three is focused on belief structures and functionality of the Alternative Healing business world.

Day Four and Five focus on the religions of the world, their beliefs, and the acceptance of them with true unconditional love.

In this day and age the world has become a much smaller place. Cultures are much more able to come into contact due to plane travel and the information age. Because of this, we have a pressing need to understand and accept other cultures. According to Vianna, students that took the first World Relations Class were surprised at how many negative unconscious thoughts, feelings and emotions came to light in the Belief Work sessions. In many instances, these were genetic beliefs attached to fear, hatred and anger towards other countries, lands and their people that they never knew they had. The World Relations Course is a powerful tool for removing inner and outer conflict in ourselves towards others.

Learning to live and love from the 7th plane, requires the understanding that we all truly are one, with the ability to appreciate and allow the existence of a multiplicity of viewpoints and ways of living. World Relations provides the experiential laboratory to practice this way of open hearted acceptance and understanding

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